Boat Trailer Repair Services

For all your boat trailer repair needs, turn to the professionals at M&G Trailer. Living among more than 10,000 lakes, we know you’re itching to get out on the water. But getting your boat from land to the launch isn’t always smooth sailing. That’s why we’re here. Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or hardcore damage repair, rely on our boat trailer repair pros to get your watercraft to the lake and out on the water in no time.


One of the most common issues with boat trailers—or trailers in general—is with lighting and electrical. Check the lights any time you hook up any kind of trailer. If you notice issues with wiring that cause lights or signals to malfunction, bring your trailer to M&G. Our awesome team will investigate the problem and get you back on the road quickly and safely.


Wheel Bearings Repair and Replacement

Bad wheel bearings can make for a difficult if not impossible trek. Be sure to check your boat trailer’s wheels and hubs prior to each trip to the lake. Visible grease is an indicator that the bearing hub is about to break down, but M&G has your back. Let us tackle that issue before you and your boat end up stuck nowhere near the lake.

Boat Trailer Brake Replacement

Don’t let shoddy brakes stop you from spending a day on the water. Brake fixes can be quick or complex, depending on the trailer and the type of brakes it employs. Either way, our M&G service team is here for it. Bring your boat trailer to us if you’re dealing with:

Replacing Worn or Rotted Tires

Regular wear and tear can cause your boat trailer tires to become worn. Additionally, the sun can cause them to become brittle over time. Whether or not they’re used, trailer tires usually last five to seven years. Take a look at your boat trailer tires’ condition and tread to see if it’s time to replace them. Or bring in your trailer to M&G and we’ll get it done.

Closeup on the tires on a utility trailer.

Axle Replacement

Your boat trailer axles can start to show signs of rust or corrosion after repeated dips in and out of the water. Or they may begin to sag after years of carrying the weight of your boat. Be sure to keep up with routine maintenance, and have the axles replaced as needed. The boat trailer pros at M&G can do that for you.

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Rely on M&G’s boat trailer repair professionals to keep you afloat this summer. Our experienced and awesome team is ready to flex its collective muscles to tackle all your boat trailer issues.

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