Minnesota Christmas Traditions

By M&G Trailer Sales December 7, 2018 Trailer Lifestyle

There is a lot to love about Minnesota during Christmas time. Not only is it a beautiful time to spend with family, it is also a time to put all of the quirky Minnesota Christmas Traditions out on full display! Between the food, shopping, and entertainment, Minnesota Christmas traditions set the people here apart from the rest of the nation in a very special way.

Spend Time Outside

No matter what the weather, Minnesotans enjoy being outside! You will see everyone outside in the snow sledding, building snowmen, and having epic snowball fights!

Visit the Mall of America

Minnesota is home to the biggest mall in the US, Mall of America, and one big Minnesota Christmas tradition is to head out and visit this Goliath of a shopping center. From browsing the sales to checking out the massive decor, there is always something to do!

Eat Lefse

Traditional Norwegian holiday lefse served with butter

Minnesota has its roots in Scandinavian culture, so many of the traditional dishes are handed down from Vikings past.  Lefse is a Norwegian flatbread, usually cooked on a large griddle, and topped with butter, fruit, cinnamon, or sugar! This is a Christmas tradition favorite for many Minnesotans.

Try and Eat The Lutefisk

Another dish born from the Norwegian tradition is Lutefisk. While this may not be a “favorite” of many people, it is something everyone has to try at least once. This dish is made from dried and salted whitefish “marinated” in lye. So if you have an adventurous pallet and want to try a traditional dish, then jump on in and try the Lutefisk.

Take in a Hotdish

We all love a good warm casserole, but in Minnesota you better call it by the right name! Minnesotans are passionate about their Hotdish!


Dusty Hoskovec Photography via Holidazzle.com

Holidazzle is the biggest Christmas festival in the state of Minnesota! With beautiful lights, tons of vendors, foods, movies and more. Hordes of Minnesotans travel from all around the state just to attend this Holiday spectacular.

There’s a Pickle in The Tree

The tradition of the Christmas pickle has been making its way around the nation, but it has always been a big deal in Minnesota. On Christmas morning young and old gather around the tree, trying to be the first to spot the Christmas pickle. First to spot the pickle gets an extra special gift!

Charlie Brown Christmas is a BIG Deal

So I know, Charlie Brown is a big deal everywhere, but since Charles Schultz is a Minnesota native, the people take this just a bit more seriously!

Minnesotans are a fun and quirky group of people, and they really know how to do Christmas up right!

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