6 Trailer Towing Tips

By M&G Trailer Sales February 9, 2017 Tips and Tricks

Towing a trailer can be easy, but even the most experienced drivers always follow certain safety precautions. Before you  hit the road a new trailer from M&G Trailers, make sure you’ve read these 6 helpful tips:

  1. Watch Your Weight

    All vehicles have a towing capacity that will help you tell whether or not you are equipped to tow your trailer. Attaching a trailer that is too heavy for your vehicle can result in brake failures, suspension damage, dangerous handling, and worse. Aside from your vehicle’s towing capacity, you should also check that the hitch is equipped to handle and support your trailer safely. Always  check your hitch’s owner’s manual in regards to weight distribution and carrying capacity.

  2. Don’t Overpack

    When packing your trailer, the two main things to consider are weight and placement. Of course, you need to stay within your trailer’s maximum load capacity to ensure a safe ride. You also want to position your load strategically to balance out the weight. A good practice is to load roughly 60% of the trailer’s load in the front half of the trailer, with even weight on the left and right sides. Finally, make sure all cargo is secured to prevent movement or shifting.

  3. Make Sure Your Lights Work

    Tail lights on a trailer are just as important for safety as the lights on your car. Large trailers and loads can block other drivers from seeing the tail lights on your tow vehicle, so it’s important to make sure all your lights work. Prevent accidents by checking your tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights before hitting the road.

  4. Test Your Brakes

    Not all trailers have breaks, but usually ones over 2,000 pounds have some sort of brake system. Some smaller trailers also have breaks. If your trailer has brakes, make sure they work before you start driving. Brakes will prevent accidents on the road, especially if you are driving at night, or in tough conditions.

  5. Check Tire Pressure

    A flat tire will put a damper on any road trip. Make sure you check all the tires on both your tow vehicle and trailer. Check for flats, as well as proper tire pressure. Underinflated tires can create more resistance, which will lead to you using more fuel than necessary. The proper tire pressure for your tow vehicle should be on a label in the driver’s doorjamb. You can also check the speed rating on your tires to make sure you don’t exceed it.

  6. Adjust Mirrors

    When driving with a trailer, you want to make sure you can clearly see the end of your trailer from your side view mirrors. If you cannot get your tow vehicle mirrors to cooperate, you can buy mirrors to extend your vision, that are specifically designed for towing purposes.

Trailer safety has a lot to do with how you upkeep your trailer during its lifetime. Visiting a service department on a regular basis for preventative maintenance will help prolong the life of your trailer. You may also want to consider buying a new trailer if your old one has severe damage or wear and tear. Check out our selection of trailers at M&G Trailers, located at 7575 Hwy 10 NW in Ramsey, Minnesota. You can also call our service department at 763-316-4006 for any trailer repairs, upgrades, or safety questions.


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